Resume writing is an important skill in today’s fast changing workplaces and technology. Especially a resume for presenting your skills on a resume as an experienced technology expert is quite challenging. Employers usually screen candidates based on their technical skills and as such, technology job seekers must ensure that they present their skills properly.

A technical resume can be especially tricky to write as it involves maintaining a fine balance to be struck between showing off your technical expertise and high level of job experience through your previous employment or otherwise. The typical resume issues that you as a technological professional or expert wrestle include-

  • Listing of your skills alphabetically or in order of importance
  • The dilemma over the inclusion of every skill and details to provide
  • Differentiating between expert knowledge of technology with the required skills needed

The following resume tips will help you write a more professional technical resume by fine-tuning the most important document of your career.

  • Avoid using acronyms and jargons or use them with diligence

A Human Resource professional or recruitment consultant may not have the technical knowledge that you have. As such, you need to make your resume understandable enough that every single person reviewing your resume can decide how well you fit into the available job position or role. Minimizing acronyms or at least spelling (expanding) them out would help the recruiter in understanding your expertise in that particular domain.

  • Skills and their uses

The skills section of your resume should be braced with job descriptions that detail how those skills have been used in your workplace. For instance, a resume listing your Java, Oracle and UML in the skills sections should describe how you employed each technology on a particular project. Those details would guide the employers with genuine insight into your knowledge and experience with those technologies.

  • Balancing technical experience with additional skills

While technical expertise should remain the focus in your resume but it is also important to include other details that show how well you perform your job. Therefore, highlighting your skills in leadership, collaboration and project management in your resume are acceptable.

For instance, the ability to communicate effectively when conveying technical concepts to non-technical colleagues or clients should be included as an additional skill in your resume. Information about how you led a project successfully and helped your employer/organization in cost reduction will impress more than the excessive technical details.

Finally, you are now aware of what to include in your resume and are now well positioned in writing a resume as a technology expert that would help you in standing out from the crowd.